Why Did the Old Man Throw a Stone at the Lamborghini Aventador?

Unlike the classic joke about the chicken crossing the road, this question regarding the older man in the baby blue shirt throwing rocks at a Lamborghini Aventador does have a definitive answer: he was clearly annoyed with the driver.

In the VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) footage, the man is heard yelling "Keep racing" to the driver of the Lamborghini and then proceeds to throw a rock that hits the Italian exotic.

Now, whether he was being a "dick" as the video author says in the clip, or if he had genuine reasons to be mad at the Lamborghini driver is another story that we don't get to find out – though, the presence of the guy filming it would suggest that the Aventador was doing several passes on the road.

Nevertheless, like the guys over at Jalopnik said, it would have been wiser and more mature to call in the cops to get whatever issues he had with the motorist straightened out without resulting to violent acts.