Programming Garage Opener In Your BMW

The Remote Garage Opener in the BMW models is located near the moonroof switch, or under the rear view mirror. There will be 3 buttons, numbered 1,2, 3.

Step 1: 
make sure your BMW is either inside or outside of the garage and NOT under the garage door!
Step 2: 
Insert the key and turn the key until all the gauges light up, without starting the car. With the key fobs, push the "start" button ,without your foot on the brake , until the gauges light up but not starting the car. The BMW garage opener will NOT program if the BMW engine is running.
Step 3: 
Press and hold the two outside buttons (#1 and #3) on the garage opener by the moonroof switch or under the rearview mirror. Continue to hold both of the buttons down until you see a small light beside the #1 button begin to blink rapidly. This usually takes 30 seconds or more.
Then release both buttons.
Step 4:
Take your house garage remote, hold it very close to the BMW's #1 button, and then press your house remote and the #1 button down at the same time, and continue to hold them down until you see the small light by the #1 button begin to blink again rapidly. Then release both buttons.
Step 5: 
Press the #1 button on the BMW, and if the garage door starts up or down, then you are finished.
If nothing happens....go to Step 6
Step 6: 
With the BMW gauges still lit up as before, get a small step ladder so that you can reach the garage door motor near the garage ceiling. Depending on the type of garage door unit, there will be some buttons on the rear of the unit, or in the front of the unit near the garage light.
Locate the button that has "learn" or "program" labeled beside it.
Press that button on the unit and it will start blinking, or either
just light up red.
Step 7: 
Then get down and go back to the BMW. Press the BMW #1 button and hold it down for 3 seconds, then release it. Press and hold the same #1 button down again for 3 seconds and release. Repeat this step a few more times until the garage door starts up or down.

Then it is programmed. After that all you do is press the #1 button to open and close the garage door.
For multiple garage doors, repeat Steps 4-7 for the BMW button # 2 and #3.