All-New 2015 VW Passat Loses Rear Doors in PhotoShop

VW's all-new Passat didn’t blow anybody’ socks off when it was revealed last week, but that’s normal, because it’s a Passat and it’s intentional. It did, however, show the new way forward for VW styling, in actual production form, and it’s a better, more rakish way than before.

The shape could probably even successfully spawn a two-door version of itself, to be a kind of cut-price Audi A5 with a people’s badge on the front and friendlier price – a direct rival for Renault’s Laguna Coupe?

VW has not hinted at the possibility of a Passat coupe, though, judging by how well the (new) look is complimented by only two doors, they really should.

XTomi has gone ahead and created such a version, with the power of painstaking photo editing. The result is the orange car in the photo posted below.

What do you think? Would there be a business case for VW with this car?