New Mazda Hazumi Aka the Next Mazda2 Concept in the Flesh

Official imagery of the new Mazda Hazumi concept, previewing the next Mazda2 sub-compact hatch, have spattered onto the web, just before the car makes its grand premiere at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.

The actual photos of the Hazumi portray the picture of a concept that is, if not near, fairly close to the production model, seasoned with sporty and exaggerated elements like the front and rear bumpers, minimalistic mirrors, center mounted exhausts and huge alloys, all for the sake of show.

The overall exterior design theme mirrors what we have seen from Mazda's most recent model like the "3" compact and "6" mid-size cars, while the interior has an overly futuristic feel and look that will not make it to the production car, set to follow later on.

We're short on technical details, but Mazda said that it will also debut a new SkyActiv-D 1.5-liter turbo diesel in Geneva, which will be offered on the next 2 hatch – at least in Europe.