Mazda Confirms Unveiling of All-New MX-5 Roadster


Mazda made an official announcement about its upcoming all-new MX-5 roadster. We knew the car was supposed to be revealed this year, but we didn’t know when and where; now we do. The Japanese automaker will be showing it off for the very first time on 3-4 September, in Barcelona, Spain. Other similar venues will follow in Japan and the US. In regards to the upcoming event, that’s also meant to commemorate 25 years since the first Miata came out, Mazda’s European president and CEO said:

“The MX-5 is the product that best epitomizes Mazda’s convention-defying spirit and our love of driving. It has been grabbing people’s attention for 25 years, and with the new-generation model we’re aiming to share this passion with yet another generation of drivers.”

Looking at how much sporty flair Mazda’s been able to imbue its more mundane offerings with, the naturally sporty MX-5 will probably come out really desirable, if they stick to the same approach, and they probably will…

It’s definitely one of the most important model launches of the year.