1955 Porsche 356 Continental Turned "Outlaw"

Did you know that in 1955 all Porsche 356 sports cars imported to the United States also carried the “Continental” moniker? At the time Porsche thought it would be a good idea to market its cars using the Continental badge, but that only lasted a year, as Ford made the German automaker drop the nameplate because of the Lincoln Continental.

Obviously, finding a functional Porsche 356 from that year is not easy, but the folks from Petrolicious managed to get hold of one. Although it still proudly wears the Continental name on its front fenders, the car is not in its original shape, because the owner found the driving experience to be too old-school.

This is why he ditched the Porsche 356 Continental’s original 60hp 1.5-liter engine for a 1.7-liter unit from a 1965 356 that produces 115 hp. He then fitted a smoother-shifting 1962 gearbox, disc brakes all around and upgraded the car to a 12 volt electrical system, with all the modifications meaning the car is an “Outlaw”. You can check it out in the video posted below.