1993 Porsche 968 Coupe in Mint Condition, with a Manual and Only 18k Miles

With prices for acceptable BMW M3 E30s driven out of reach for most people who want to enjoy a lightweight, four-cylinder car with a mechanical feel, free from electronic nannies and made-up sounds, it's time to look at other options. Like the Porsche 968 Coupe with its big 3.0-liter four-pot and 928-inspired styling.

The 968 was the last of Porsche's front-mounted, four-cylinder engine series that started with the 924 in 1976 and continued with the 944 in 1982. It was built from 1992 through 1995 with only 12,776 made, about a third of which made it to North American shores. In base trim, the 3.0-liter straight-four made 240PS or 236hp, allowing for a 0-60mph (96km/h) in 5.6 seconds (Coupe, 6sp manual).

This one we found on eBay and it looks to be in mint, original condition, sans the tasty Porsche 17-inch wheels and bigger factory brakes. As a bonus, it's finished in a rare Oak Green Paint, has three pedals and a stick shift, and the best of all, the odometer reads 18,401 miles (29,607 km) – what more could you ask for?

Well duh; how about a super low price and a super close distance from home for transport purposes….

Being that we live in real land and not Lego land, the 968 is located in Hawaii and is owned by a car collector who obviously knows his stuff and won't likely let it go for cheap – the current bid on eBay stands at $21,000. And the search continues…

By John Halas
Seller's Description:

"At auction is a beautiful Porsche 968 coupe. I am the third owner, and I have original purchase and maintenance records from the first owner, and many records from the second owner. In addition to the original window sticker, I also have a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity for the car. Lots of other original equipment and documentation make this an unusually complete car, including original work receipts, the complete set of original owner's manuals, original tool kit, and other factory extras. VIN number WP0AA296XPS820413. CarFax, AutoCheck, or any sort of Vehicle History Reports/inquiries are encouraged prior to bidding. As stated a number of times, I encourage vehicle inspection by the bidder or bidder's representative prior to buyer commitment to buy.

I am a hobby collector of sports cars (see picture), and have owned a dozen or so Porsche sports cars over the years. This 968 is the only water cooled Porsche I have owned, and I have been very pleased with the car. I looked long and hard for a great example, and found one! The main thing I would say about this car is it has very low miles, and has been well maintained over the years. Who ever buys the car will get a vehicle that is sorted out and ready for the road. This car would make a great driver, and previous owners have shown the car at a number of Porsche venues. You can pick the car up at the shipping port of your choice, and drive it anywhere, in my opinion. It would make a great car for you collection, a great driver, or ideal for a son or daughter going off to school. Everything works, the air conditioning blows cold air, the fit and finish on the car is excellent, and in many respects the car looks, feels, and even smells as new. The only blemishes I have noticed are finger marks in the paint behind each door handle, where finger ends naturally touch the paint when opening or closing the doors, and very small paint blemishes. All of the blemishes on this car, in my opinion, are consistent with the car's age and limited use. The original paint and factory pen striping are in very good condition.

Total price per the window sticker was $45961 when new. I have scanned the window sticker for your information. Among the most desirable factory options (as listed on the Window Sticker and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity) are the Oak Green Metallic paint (Code N9N9), color matched Protective Side Moldings, Limited Slip Differential, Right and Left Sport Seats with electric height adjustment, and Porsche CD Changer. The second owner replaced the original wheels with optional 17 inch Porsche wheels, and mounted new Yokohama S-Drive tires: 235/45R17 97W in the front, and 275/40R17 98W in rear. The tires are less than three years old and have about 2,200 miles on them, and are in excellent condition. Another important performance and safety option was the installation of a set of four Porsche "Big Red" Brake Calipers and new discs. This optional brake work cost nearly $3400, and the braking performance is outstanding. Sport seats (leather panels for the seat and back, Porsche imitation leather for bolsters and surrounds) have gotten nice, synthetic sheep skin covers that are custom fit to protect original seat material. All carpets have custom Porsche mats to protect the original carpet treatment, and thus original carpets are in excellent condition. All told, I have receipts for about $8000 worth of options and regular maintenance costs since the car was new.

The car has a clear title from the State of Hawaii. It is also currently registered in Hawaii, and has had a recent State Safety Check. I will send by Registered Mail the original title and all of the books and documentation associated with the car once payment is complete. As noted in the payment section, I require a $1000 PayPal good faith deposit once the auction is finished, plus full payment balance by Bank Wire Transfer within seven days of the end of the auction. I will send you my Bank Wire Transfer instructions once the auction is complete.

Ocean shipping to the West Coast is safe and easy. Shipping to San Diego or Covina (near LA) on Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines costs about $902. The car ships as roll-on, roll-off freight, and is protected within the ship's hold from salt spray or weather.

In addition, the car can ship in a dedicated, enclosed shipping container to Long Beach, Oakland, or Seattle-Tacoma on Horizon-Lines. The cost for Horizon-Lines is $1200. I will tender the car here in Hilo, Hawaii for your shipment, and help guide you through the shipping process. Again, once the car is at your chosen port, you can drive it to it's final destination if you wish. However, if you'd like help with a transport truck service from the port, I am happy to assist with what I know about the car transport industry.

I reserve the right to end the auction early, as the car is advertised elsewhere. I will work within eBay policies and guidelines regarding this sale. The car is being sold "as is, where is" with no warranties expressed or implied."