7-Year-Old Lamborghini Fan Gets the Best Birthday Present Ever

Lamborghini North Los Angeles organized a nice birthday surprise for a seven-year-old kid who is an obsessed Lamborghini fan, according to his father. In fact, the boy loves the Italian sports cars so much that he is already saving for his own Lamborghini.

Whenever he gets 100% percent in school tests, his father gives him $10, which he saves towards his Lamborghini.

Here’s what Jacob’s dad wrote on Lamborghini North Los Angeles Facebook page: “I know it would be a dream come true for him to be able to sit in Lamborghini or get a short drive in one. His birthday party is in Hancock park at our home. Are there any Lamborghini owners who would like to make a 7 year old believe in dreams?”

As you probably guessed, many Lambo owners responded to the call and showed up at Jacob’s house. The boy’s reaction was more than worth their effort, especially when he learned he would get a ride in an Aventador.