Caractere Exclusive Porsche 911 Kit

 Belgian tuning firm chose to cross the Atlantic to unveil their latest performance package for the Porsche 911. Their venue? Tuner’s paradise. The 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas.
 Caractere Exclusive’s kit for the 991-generation 911 is more cosmetic than anything else. The aerodynamic alterations are numerous and blatant. The front end has been treated to a few extra vents and winglets which do little favors to the car’s otherwise neat lines. The sideskirts are also new, and now incorporate some discreet vertical air inlets for the engine bay. At the rear Caractere Exclusive have fitted the car with a new rear bumper and a larger, fixed rear spoiler for greater downforce.
 To accompany the new bodywork Caractere Exclusive have equipped the car with some rather tasty looking three-piece alloy wheels – available in 20 or 21-inch sizes.
 The only performance upgrade given to the Caractere Exclusive 911 is a new sports exhaust with variable valve control for adjusting the exhaust tone and volume.