Custom Porsche 993 by Rauh-Welt is Pure Widebody Perfection

Founded in 1997 as a small countryside body shop, RWB or Rauh-Welt Begriff is a Japanese Porsche tuner specializing in creating stunning(ly good) widebody kits for various models of 911. They don’t only do cars for Japanese customers, though, as they have offices in many major cities around the world, including one in the US, located in San Mateo, California.

One of their most notable recent creations is this expertly widened 993. It has some of the widest flares you could ever put on a 911 without making it look ridiculous and all the rest of the package is comes to compliment the extra girth, featuring special bumpers, skirts, spoilers and wheels.

This particular car is even more special because it’s the culmination of a father and son’s collective dream of what one of these cars could be, if done by the book, a book that could be written by RWB founder Akiar Nakai, who personally worked on the project