New Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio VS Old 1989 Turbo Flatnose

UK magazine Autocar taught us a valuable lesson by doing this video comparo between the latest Porsche 991 Turbo Cabrio and its predecessor from many generations ago, the 930 Turbo Cabrio from 1989. The lesson is that modern cars are technically better and more competent, yet in becoming as competent as they have, they’ve lost their soul.
It’s very obviously the same lesson we keep on learning when we drive old cars and find that the experience, while slower and more clunky, is more rewarding and enjoyable. It’s even safer, if you will, since you’re not going nearly as fast as  you would in a new car and you’re aware that you’re at the wheel of something not at the cutting edge, so focusing is a bit easier.
Reviewer Steve Sutcliffe concedes, at the end of the video, that the 991 is a technical marvel and a great drive, but that he’d still have the old “Flatnose” 911, even though it is worse in every single measurable way.