All-New Mitsubishi Pajero Still Three Years Away – Will Go Hybrid

The Mitsubishi Pajero (or Montero in the US) has been around in its current form since 1999. It did receive a major overhaul in 2006, which brought it up to date, with revised styling and new safety features, but the SUV was basically the same underneath. Even if you count the 2006 update as a new generation, it's still almost seven years old and in need of a rethink.

However, according to a report from GoAuto, which spoke to Mitsubishi's head of product and strategy development, Ryugo Nakao, at the Geneva Motor Show, an all-new Pajero is still at least two years away, if not three.

The new model will sit at the top of the Japanese automaker's range, so Mr. Nakao was keen to point out that the 2015 model would be considerably more refined and luxurious than what they are offering today - perhaps they want to challenge the Range Rover?

Yet, in spite of its upmarket push, the Pajero will still be able to cope with off-road driving, and be just as capable as the current model. It will be built on a new platform, which will also be compatible with the brand's P-HEV hybrid system, which has already made its commercial debut in the third generation of their Outlander crossover.