EVO Track Battle Pits Unlikely Rivals: Porsche Cayman VS BMW M235i

While the BMW M235i is more powerful than a stock Porsche Cayman, it’s nowhere near as focused. EVO discovered that even with the 40-odd horsepower advantage it has over the Porsche, the BMW is neither more fun nor faster around a track.

Still, while the Porsche is faster over a whole lap, it’s the BMW with its turbocharged grunt and shorter gearing that would be more usable on the road. It depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to spend on your desired sports car.

If you go to frequent track days, then the video below suggests you go all-out on the Porsche, whereas if most of your driving is done on-road, then the more spacious, more practical and beefier BMW is the one to go for.