Disgruntled Owner of Brand New Porsche 911 Says His Car is a Lemon

For most, owning a Porsche 911 is destined to remain an unfulfilled dream, and generally, when people can’t have something they tend to idealize the experience of those who are fortunate enough to afford it. Even though Porsche 911s are renowned for their reliability, there must be some exceptions to the rule - let’s keep the 911 GT3s out of the discussion for now, as this case involves a lesser 911 Carrera S model.

Nick Murray says his car is definitely one of them, as the Porsche 911 he bought in July 2013 has been what is called a “lemon” – a car that is found to be defective only after it has been bought. Among the 911’s many alleged defects, Murray lists the windows that roll down on their own, the engine that wouldn’t start, the battery suddenly discharging. The man says all these problems culminated with the car breaking down on the highway several times because the engine cut out or the gears locked.

Unfortunately for Murray (and for Porsche if all this is true), the problems are too many to list here. What’s even more unfortunate is that he claims Porsche couldn’t make the car work properly, although it spent 60 days in their repair shop. Furthermore, he claims Porsche Cars North America threatened to take the case to arbitration, as he doesn’t want to keep the car and wants either a new one, or his money back. Scroll down to hear what the man has to say.