Lamborghini Makes its Huracan LP610-4 Official in Geneva

With its hybrid chassis made from aluminum and carbon fiber coated in an outer skin also made of the malleable metal, the Lamborghini Huracan is definitely a supercar of this age. Some have said that one of these now has to be an actual hybrid-electric to really earn that distinction, but with 610 EU6-compliant horses, sent to all four wheels, it doesn’t need any extra boost anyway.

The manufacturer from Sant'Agata Bolognese quotes the Huracan as being able to return 12.5 l/100km (18.8 mpg US / 22.6 mpg UK), which doesn’t unreasonable at all – you'll likely never get near it if you actually want to experience the car, but as a window sticker, it’s pretty good.

Now the we wait for the scene’s early first-hand impressions, which I’m sure will pop up on YouTube way sooner than the car’s actual showroom arrival term – the efficiency numbers will be the least of their concerns, if it’s as good a car as it ought to be with a predecessor whose success story was so resounding.

Officially revealed to members of the press during the opening day of the Geneva motor show, the Huracan was probably one of the most hunted premieres of the entire venue, and the Giallo Midas car riding on black wheels you see in the gallery below certainly didn’t disappoint.