New Lamborghini Huracán Review Finds it Slightly More Civilized than Gallardo

Reviews of Lamborghini’s latest baby, the Huracán LP610-4, have started to pour in, with the latest one coming from Auto Express magazine. Like the previous first drive test, this one was filmed during the press event hosted by Lamborghini at the Ascari circuit in Spain.

Obviously, the big question is how the Huracán feels to drive compared to its predecessor, the Gallardo. Although the new model is more powerful and faster, the reviewer found that it’s harder to get the car’s rear end to slide. While the four-wheel-drive setup carries a part of the blame, we must remember that the Gallardo was also AWD too - minus RWD specials like the LP550-2 Valentino Balboni.

However, the Huracán is described as fun to drive, despite the car’s complex electronic systems that intervene quite often to correct the driver’s mistakes.The new entry-level Lamborghini is described by the reviewer as a fusion between modern electronics and old-school theatrics.

To me, that’s another way of saying it is a tamed beast. The market will decide whether that is a good thing or not for a Lamborghini. Point your mouse down to watch the review.