Porsche Panamera Coupe Could Give Mercedes S-Class Coupe a Run for its Money

Imagine the familiar and appreciated traits of the Porsche Panamera all wrapped in a sexier two-door body, replacing the still ugly shape the regular model. That’s what this rendering shows and it’d definitely make for a very interesting car – a big coupe in the vein of Mercedes’ S-Class Coupe, but with Porsche handling and bearable looks.

In making it a fastback coupe, the shape of the car’s rear could be altered to look less hunched and more coke bottle-like, like proper coupes should be. I say the makeover could have even been a bit more extreme on the renderer’s side, since this interpretation is a bit too similar to the regular model – more rear overhang, more curves at the rear and slimmer 911-esque lights could be introduced into the design.

Scroll down, check it out and have your say in the comments box! Yay or nay?