Porsche Customizer Magnus Walker Creates First Unique Wheel Set

If you’re a fan of custom classic Porsche 911, then you’ve probably heard of Magnus Walker. He’s a huge fan of the brand and so far has channeled his passion into creating bespoke looking 911s, like the blue first-gen Turbo he’s seen driving in the video below.

That car is special not only because it hears his unique signature, but also because it’s the first one to ever ride on a custom set of wheel designed by Walker. He set out to create them with the mindset of not wanting to copy any existing classic-looking 911 rims, and he definitely succeeded.

The gold wheels that resulted perfectly compliment the trademark Porsche shape and they don’t look like a modern afterthought. I think they look like rims that could have been made back when the car was new – they look period but are modern and unique at the same time.